Best Free WiFi File Transfer Apps for Android

We’ve seen our computers and our mobile devices evolve into great things. There was once a time when computers were the size of a huge room whereas today we carry these little notebooks and laptops in a simple bag. Similarly, there was a time when we used cables to transfer data, and some of us still do. There was once a time when Bluetooth was used to transfer files across phones, but the options were limited. With Android devices having such large storage space and access to thousands of apps, a much-advanced way of file transfer was needed. WiFi file transfer was the key. Today many people use WiFi as a medium to transfer files not only across Android devices but also across various platforms.

Like everything else, we want the best for our phones as well. So, what are the best free WiFi file transfer apps? Here are the best free WiFi file transfer apps for Android.


Among the many apps available in the market, Shareit is considered the number one app. Not only is it the most popular app but it’s absolutely free. The files are transferred via the WiFi direct feature. Users can transfer files from Android to Android phones, laptops, and even desktops. Once the two parties, i.e., the sender and the receiver are paired, they can both send or receive. The advantage of this app is that the receiver can also see all the files on the sender’s device. The receiver can also send files from his device without any interference from the sender.


Xender is another app that is quite similar to Shareit. You can download it for free from Google Play Store. Xender lets you share files from one Android phone to another. You can also share files from PC to your Android device and vice versa. You can share your musics library, music apps, videos, videos apps. To transfer the music People widely use xender. If you love to listen music’s then download fildo apk. Which is music streaming app and it has low size. So you can share with your friends through both xender and shareit. The file transfer speeds are about 5-6mb per second which is quite fast when compared to the speeds offered by the other WiFi file transfer apps.


The name says it all. You can now transfer your files at a speed of light. The third best free WiFi file transfer app is Superbeam.This app is great for sharing files of all sizes. The devices can be connected using QR codes, NFC or even manual codes. The user interface is quite simple and is very easy to use. Like the apps mentioned above, Super Beam is also available for free at the Play Store.

WiFi Shoot

We’ve come to the final app, WiFi Shoot. As the name suggests, you can now shoot your file from one device to another. You can share audio, images, videos, and even applications in the form of APK files. This app can be acquired from the Google Play Store for free and is compatible with Android versions that are 4.0 and above.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways for you to transfer files given the resources we have. The WiFi file transfer method is better as it doesn’t require you to carry wires or bear the slow speeds of Bluetooth. So, what’s your favorite file transfer app?

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