5 Free Management Software that Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

Running any sort of business is tough work. You need to manage many things and the margin for error is small. It isn’t any wonder that entrepreneurs have started relying on technology to help with the process of running a business. However, technology doesn’t always come cheap – knowing how to find the right software without paying a penny is essential. If you’re looking free management software, then here are five products you need to start using right now.


Trello is a Kanban-based system based on the product management system developed by an ex-leader of Toyota. It’s one of the most intuitive and easy to use project management tools out there – the simplicity can be deceiving, however. Trello allows a ton of functions from assigning and managing tasks to integration with calendars and other online tools.

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, Trello is a great pick. Because it’s free and it doesn’t require a lot of preparation to start using, it’ll offer you the most benefits at the early stage of running your business. However, you might want to move to more functions later on in your businesses life cycle.


For a bit more functionality, you want to opt for the Freedcamp project management tool. The intelligent user interface makes the free software easy to use. On the simple layout, you can see calendar integration, a quick view of the events and their priorities, as well as the ability to ask new tasks. You can use additional features such as milestone trackers, time tracking and even discuss the project in real-time with your team members.

As mentioned, the software synchronises with Google Calendar – this adds a layer of usability for many entrepreneurs, as you don’t need to manually keep track of your activities. One of the best features of Freedcamp is the Issue Tracker. The function allows team members to raise alarm or ask questions about specific elements of a task. This can then be solved collaboratively and used as an example in the future. New team members can benefit from this function, as they can find answers to common queries.


For more complexity and better reporting tools, you should consider using GanttProject. The free-to-use time management tool makes it easy to plan a project, see what different team members are doing, and allocate resources accordingly. Indeed, all these different functions can be taken care of with GanttProject – it’s similar to Microsoft Project.

It is possible to create different time management projects and add sub-categories and functions to your project. You can download the tool in a range of devices, allowing easier collaboration with team members. One of the best features of the app is the ability to create baselines for your projects. It makes the comparison with different projects easier and can help enhance how your business operates.


Another time management tool for entrepreneurs is SlimTimer. The free software allows you to create tasks and then begin timing your work on those specific tasks. It’s possible to share the projects with team members and therefore, see how much time people are spending on the projects.

The reports you create on the time spent on certain activities are great for improving performance. You can quickly notice which tasks might require the most work or even pick up on the times you are most productive during the day. It’s an easy to use software and you don’t even have to spend a penny to use it.


Finally, you should consider getting Asana. The project management software is one of the most popular ones out there. The popularity is not a surprise to anyone who’s used it – the software allows intuitive and easy use. You can see who is working on what project, assign tasks and better understand how projects are progressing. Furthermore, the layout makes the software easy to use – you don’t need to be a tech genius in order to enjoy the software.

But there is a catch to using Asana. Unlike the other management software mentioned in the post, Asana is only free up to a point. The software can be freely accessed but only up to 15 users. Therefore, in terms of affordability, the software is great for small teams. Anything above 15 users and you need to start forking out cash. The good news is that you can find vouchers for business software online during special discount seasons. Keep your eyes on VoucherBin.co.uk to make your business software affordable.

When it comes to running a business, the ability to be cost effective is key to success. Finding the right technology can be tricky, especially as many software options cost a lot of money. However, as the above shows, there are plenty of free or semi-free software options out there. It’s always worth giving free software a shot before you pay a premium price.

So, if your business is looking for good management software, you should try the above five options. They will help you manage your project and use of time better.


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